Lyrical Sparrow

Little Ol’ Me


I used to blog all of the time, almost every day since 2006. Then last year, with a single click of a mouse, I lost pretty much my entire blog. Out of frustration and because of life events at that time,  I stopped blogging. It was strange at first, since my life had been consumed by all things blogger, wordpress and twitter, not to mention my 3 year gig at 5 Minutes for Mom.

But I am back…a year later, a year wiser and with a new blog.

A Little More About Me

I am a dreamer, an optimist who likes to look for the good in others.

I am a wife and mom in a blended family with 5 kiddos total – aged 9 and under. It is crazy – it is loud – it is fun -it is PERFECT!

I am a hard worker, but I love to play just as hard. 😀

I am empathetic, compassionate, nurturing and truly enjoy making others around me happy.

I am a giving soul who has a heart for children in Northern Uganda. I would love to go out there on a mission trip someday.

I am a Christian! I love Jesus with all of my being.


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