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Crafting Through the Jesus Storybook Bible

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jesus-story-book-bibleOur family is journeying through the Jesus Storybook Bible together. We have been trying to commit to reading it weekly and adding in a related craft or two for the kids.

The craft adds fun to the stories and I enjoy seeing, through their art work and conversation, how the kids relate to each Bible lesson.

So far we have completed crafts for Noah’s Ark and Tower of Babel.

Noah’s Ark

Rainbow Game

On the printable rainbow, each row of the rainbow has a coordinating number. Red = 1, Orange = 2, Yellow = 3 and so forth.  To make it fun, I used dice to turn it into a game. On their turn, each child would roll a die and color in the row that matched the number rolled. It was a race to see whose rainbow would get completed first. I also placed a Froot Loop on each row. It served as a visual as to what color the row should be. It also made a fun reward for completing the row.


Once the rainbows were finished, we glued on a Bible verse, the ark and cotton ball clouds.

Also, the Froot Loops were such a hit, that we ended up creating Froot Loop necklaces as well.

Obedience Ark

Next I provided each kiddo with their own ark. We worked together to come up with ways in which they can obey God.They then wrote some of their ideas down on their ark. One of my children even took it a step further, and on the backside wrote out a sweet prayer on how he wants to obey God.

ark2 ark3

Ideas and printables found here: Obedience Ark and Rainbow.

Tower of Babel

Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of our Tower of Babel craft – Just picture a paper towel tube with a brown paper spiral around it.  Or you can just go to the lovely blog, Spark and All, to view her detailed post complete with many pictures.




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