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Do you ever feel like you should be doing more in your life for others? Do you long to make an impact on those around you? Do you desire to do all that you can to make another’s life happier, easier?

I have found myself lately extremely  focused on wanting to help in a more profound way…wanting to make a difference…wanting to use all of my free time passing out meals, baking goodies to share, sewing blankets, mentoring to those that are struggling, giving to charitable causes, and finding other ways to give of my time, talents and resources.

While I do little things here and there, I find myself feeling as if it just isn’t enough.

If I were to have it my way, I would take in foster kids, pass out meals on a Saturday afternoon to the homeless, make quilts for children fighting cancer at the nearby Children’s Hospital and then jump on a plane to Africa on a mission trip – to teach the children there about the love of Jesus, to pray with them, sing with them and provide them with food and clothing.

I find myself sometimes so focused on all of the things that I wish that I was doing, that I seem to forget about the fact that I am already making a difference in the hearts of the five kiddos that I am raising. I am teaching them Bible stories, sharing with them the love of Jesus and showing them how to love and care for others. I am getting them involved in charitable projects (whether by donating their toys, sponsoring a child or baking goodies for the Ronald McDonald House).

Yet somehow it still doesn’t feel like enough to me. It is as if there is this strong, almost overpowering desire within me to do more.

So I am now on a quest to do more, to perhaps even find a way to make a difference every single day. What causes can I spread the word about? What little things can I do that can make a huge impact on another’s life? What ways can I bring a little sunshine into the lives of others every single day? God gave me such a servant’s heart. How can I best give?

I am also going to find ideas for other ways to get my kids involved in charitable projects.

I would also love your input. What things do you and your family do together to spread love, help others, give back?

I am going to share what I find, and some of the projects that I get involved in, here at Lyrical Sparrow. Not to boast, but to inspire and to help others who, like me, are looking for simple ways to make a difference.

And now for some inspiration:



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