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It is Time to Focus on Blessings!

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“It’s not a change in circumstances, but a change in attitude that brings contentment.” – Pastor Don, CCV.

This girl needs an attitude adjustment, stat! Let’s start with focusing on my blessings:

– I moved into a beautiful apartment this weekend.

– The lake with my prayer rock is a hop, skip and a jump away. In fact when I walk toward my front door, I have a view of the lake. It makes me smile each time. 🙂

– I found a boombox (yes, a 90’s boombox) at Goodwill for $5.00. So I can listen to Christian stations all day long in my apartment. It helps me to sleep too.

– I have amazing friends always ready to lend a helping hand, prayer or encouraging word.

– My friends and family are all safe and sound tonight and were not in the movie theater where a deadly shooting took place early Friday morning.

– I live in a country where I can read my Bible freely, worship God openly,  and even have others pray for me at work.

– I have hope for a future. I have a God who blesses me every moment, who has an amazing plan for my life and loves me unconditionally.

– As my mantel reminds me, I am blessed!



One thought on “It is Time to Focus on Blessings!

  1. 🙂

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