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A Little Bit of Happiness

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That beautiful little girl is my sponsored child, Happiness. I selected her because of her name and location. And she just looks like the sweetest thing ever!

Happiness lives in Tanzania and it just so happens that several bloggers were recently sent to Tanzania with Compassion, to meet the families and see the work that Compassion is doing there.

I had the true pleasure of working with one of the bloggers from that trip, Kelli Stuart. She was a writer over at 5 Minutes for Mom around the same time that I worked as their advertising consultant. This morning I dove into Kelli’s posts about her time in Tanzania. I wanted to live vicariously through her and steal glimpses of my precious Happiness’ life in Tanzania. I was moved to tears. My heart is so full knowing that my sponsorship is making such a profound difference in the life of a child and family. As Kelli puts it, “Absolute poverty amidst absolute hope.

I encourage you to take the time to experience some of Kelli’s journey to Tanzania. I especially loved her post, Miracles So Great. (Excerpt below)



One thought on “A Little Bit of Happiness

  1. Oh my goodness, thank you for this post. This just made my day. What a blessing you will be to Happiness. Isn’t her name just the best?!

    I love those kids and I love the ministry of Compassion. Thanks for being willing to change a child’s life in Jesus’ name.

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