Lyrical Sparrow

When Life Gives You a Verse

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I remember back when I was involved in youth group at church, we were asked to choose a life verse. At the age of 15, I wasn’t even sure who I was, let alone what I wanted to claim as my life verse. The Bible is HUGE and it seemed like a daunting task. How does one go about selecting one verse that stands out from the rest?

At that time, I chose Psalm 139:9-10. Although I didn’t feel a strong connection to the verse, it was poetic and beautiful to me.

It wasn’t until I reached 32 that I would claim a true life verse, one that actually brought tears to my eyes upon its discovery. Psalm 40:1-3 is my testimony of the pit of despair that I was in, the pit that only God was able to take me out of, and the firm rock he set my feet upon once I fully surrendered to Him. He turned my weeping into joy and boy, did he ever place a new song in my mouth.


One thought on “When Life Gives You a Verse

  1. Incredible how much that changes for us as we grow. I think I’ve had a few life verses myself. Still do. 🙂

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